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SDF Automotive is the UK's leading manufacturer of closed die forged connecting rods, supplying both truck and automotive OEM's. In addition we also supply the automotive industry with forged hub's, suspension components and transmission blanks.

Connecting Rods And Suspension Arms.

We have a long proven history in producing connecting rods for the automotive industry. Our forging facility work with both standard grades of steel and the most up to date micro alloyed air cooled grades. We can produce high volume components up to 16 Litres with a weight of 10 Kg with tight mass and thickness control.

Hubs, Spindles And Injection Systems.

Our press forging facility gives us the ability to produce pressed components up to 7Kg in weight or a maximum length of 500mm. These components can also be made from standard heat treatable grades of steel or control air cooled.

Cellular Forging Facility.

Our Cellular Forging Facility consists of fully integrated Lasco Hammer forging lines. This gives enhanced process control, stability and higher productivity. Precision cut raw material input through to the final fully inspected component ready for shipment.

Press Forging Facility.

This facility has a 1300T press along with a 2500T press, both presses have their own trimming / setting press and can be fed by either of two induction furnaces. We also have reducer rolls to support our material yield targets.


We can provide Design Engineering Simulation along with final testing and validation in partnership with both our customers and supplier base to achieve a quality product on time.


    • CAD / CAM
    • High Speed Milling
    • 3D Modelling
    • Cutter Path Generation
  • cam


    • Production Cost Estimation
    • Tool Cost Savings
    • Reduce Downtime
    • Material Saving
  • Sim


    • Induction Furnaces
    • HOU-500 Lasco Hammers
    • Cellular Forging Lines
    • 1300T & 2500T Presses
  • Manufacture

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